Be technology integrators, NITK graduates told

Mangalore: NITK Surathkal Board of Governors Chairman Sushil Chandra Tripathi has said that globalisation of industry and commerce has made it necessary for each student to think across disciplines.

Speaking at the tenth convocation of NITK-Surathkal here on Saturday, he called upon the students to be excellent technology integrators, develop additional skills in entrepreneurship and take up leadership/management roles and practice professional ethics. “Only when you develop problem-solving skills, professionalism, a motivation for lifelong learning, aptitude to work in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual teams and a comprehensive view of economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts affecting technologically-driven societies, you are likely to make an impcat,” he said.

In his convocation address, Professor of Kumamoto University Prof Shuichi Torii said that India’s history of mathematics and education has played a major role in making it a leader in information technology. “We are said to be currently living in the global age. Developments in transportation have made our world a relatively small place. The future careers of the students will revolve around not only India, but the whole world, thus giving the ability to compete within an environment that transcends borders and nationalities,” he added.

He said “dealing with other countries means encountering different cultures and ways of thinking. However, accepting these differences and understanding that our world is built on diversity will help to broaden horizons with respect to knowledge and wisdom. Graduation is not the goal of one’s life, but it is the starting point. Facing hardship will give the students a new perspectives on the world and will help bring amazing things to the lives,” he said.

As many as 1,303 candidates who passed out during 2011-12 received their degrees. This includes 652 students — B Tech degrees; 456 — MTech; 75 —MCA; 35 — MBA; 46— MSc and 34—PhD degrees. As many as 701 students received the degree in person.

Later, speaking to presspersons, NITK Director Prof Swapan Bhattacharya said that the NITK will enter into an MoU with Dell shortly. “Dell wants to have a collaborative research cell to study the impact of proximity to sea on different components of the computer. The MoU will also focus on cloud computing. The NITK has also entered into an MoU with Mitacs, Canada. Mitacs is an consortium of 95 universities of Canada. Stating that curriculum has been revised in NITK, Prof Swapan Bhattacharya said that curriculum has been focusing on inter-disciplinary approach.

He said that the NITK Board of Governors meeting has approved research promotion scheme for the students. To support the students, the student will be given Rs 10,000 for presenting a research paper in the national-level seminar, Rs 20,000 for international level seminar and Rs 40,000 for summer internship.

News Courtesy: DHNS

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